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Colombian architect formed by the University of San Buenaventura de Cali. Idealizer and director of creation of the Arquitectura Mixta Office, he is dedicated to the design and construction of Bio Architecture, with natural materials and techniques such as: bamboo-a-pique, adobe, wood, clays and mainly bamboo.

Palestrante, professor and formulator of workshops and projects in several countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Spain, France, Holland, Mozambique and Colombia. Jaime created his own style and technique within his architectural works, where he works with the notion of universal geometry and applies concepts such as fractality, design patterns, biomimicry, golden ratio, etc. His constant research allows the creation of a “living architecture” and respectful of the natural environment, always prioritizing functionality, beauty and environmental and social sustainability of the context where he develops his projects.


Colombian bioconstructor Giraldo worked on the sugarcane harvest for the production of panela when he decided to go to the city in search of another way to explore more his qualities as a builder and artisan. At that time he met the foundation school Asobambu peasant house, where he began his training in crafts and construction with bamboo.

The association between Giraldo and Arquitectura Mixta is long-standing, he met Jaime at the same foundation where he began his training in bamboo. He was soon invited to act as a bamboo master in a work and together in an intense research work they developed basic office techniques used until today.


Brazilian architect and urbanist formed by the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and Permacultora formed by the Casa da Cidade Institute, she has already volunteered in social projects such as: Permaculture in Architecture carried out by the School of the city, School without walls, Permasampa collective and Aguapé collective .

He met the work of the office in 2017 and currently works in the Arquitectura Mixta team, helping in the organization of courses, development and design of architectural projects. Research and research on universal geometry and application of the concept of permaculture in architectural projects is also dedicated.


Permacultor and Bioconstructor, had his first contact with permaculture and bioconstrucion in Brazilian Institute IPOEMA. He also visited other schools, including IPEC and Ebiobambu, where he directed his work focus for the projection and execution of bamboo structures.

During these years he put into practice several projects in different parts of Brazil and countries such as Portugal and Colombia, where he had the opportunity to work with the Colombian architect Jaime Pena mixed architecture. It has its source of motivation and inspiration in bamboo, and continues to believe that raw material is one of the solutions for many of our socio-environmental problems.


Technologist in civil works and bioconstructor. In 2008 he began his work with bamboo as an artisan, after three years of experience he started working on what was really passionate, bamboo structures applying his experience with the material in another way.

Also in 2008 he got to know the Arquitectura Mixta, where he had the first contact and introduction to structures with bamboo, collaborating with his training process, five years later he became part of the team and since then he has been a builder and collaborator more than thirteen projects, mostly with the office.

In addition to the projects, he is also a proponent of courses in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, with the intention of expanding knowledge. For Arley bamboo has a vibration of its own that does not limit its value only its use as a structural element, but also in the transformation and knowledge of people.


Bioconstructor and carpenter has experience in works with bamboo for more than ten years, in that period and made countless constructions with bamboo that guaranteed sufficient experience to be able to handle the material in different ways.

Thanks to colleagues and architects who shared their experience and way of working, you can understand the versatility and transformations of bamboo. His experience in carpentry helped him in the work he is doing now and made it possible for him to carry out more than ten projects with the material.

The partnership with the office began in 2014 where Farut was acting as a carpenter in a joint project to the Arquitectura Mixta. As an excellent work as a carpenter, he was soon invited to participate as a bamboo teacher of other office projects, the first of which being the Centro Cultivarte.