Location Tulum Mexico

Co lab desing architectural study in Tulum, I take as a reference model the architecture of Felix Candela and his projects of Hyperbolic Paraboloids built with iron and concrete, a hyperbolic paraboloid of 5 petals with arches and tissues in diamonds with depth, built with bamboo fibers, and understanding the resistance the work to traction and compression that reach these fibers together as a fractality. Surrounded by a forest in the Yucatan Peninsula, this project is presented as a great achievement of engineering and construction design, in the advancement of projects with bamboo fibers.



Project area 250 m2

Architectural Design: Co Lab Desing Johana and Joshua

Construction and Structural Solution: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña, Ing Esteban Morales

Constructive System: Parametric system of beams and fabrics with unbonded bamboo fibers

Year: 2018