Location: Calima Darien Colombia

This project is still in the process of design, aims to show the ability of natural materials to adapt to any type of architectural aesthetics and typology, the earth in its walls and finishes, wood and bamboo in the structure, with very straight and clean lines create harmonious spaces open to the natural context and beautiful visuals of this, the house allows a direct connection with the natural environment and shelters its inhabitants in its private room module, where small terraces in each of the rooms open the relationship to the outside

With material and local labor, this project is intended to be developed in the mountains of the Cauca Valley in Colombia, demonstrating the qualities and good energy of designing and building with the materials of the Pacha Mama.


Project area 400 m2

Architectural Design: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña

Structural Solution: Arquitectura Mixta 

Constructive system: adobe walls, wood and bamboo structure

Year: 2015