Location Vereda Santa Rosa,Guacari

The viewpoint is an agroecological farm, in the central mountain range of the Cauca Valley, at approximately 1500 meters above sea level, a place of biodiversity, its house in harmony with this permacultural system is considered as a house within a garden, with an orchard, water collection rain, separation of gray and solid water and a whole Biosystem created by this family, is ordered from a progressive development with modules that are built in stages, forming the house and each of its spaces, kitchen module, dining room and services, and modules of Rooms and study.

Project area 250 m2

Architectural Design: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña

Construction: Pedro Pablo Rodas, Luz Dary, Arquitectura Mixta

Constructive System: Gaudua Bahareque Encementado

Year 2011