Location: Tulum Quintana Roo Mexico

The Humo restaurant was thought to be, a space, a temple for the ritual of feeding, food, that will give us the vital energy, healthy food, elaborated and absorbed under geometric lines of life. A wooden terrace with tables, receives diners in direct contact with existing trees, there the symbolism of the flower of life embodied in the wood of the terrace opens a threshold of access to the interior, the bar is inside a woven sphere with guadua fibers, in front of the tables are distributed perimetrally following the lines of the sheet form that has the cover, biomimetic architecture that understands and interprets the natural structures.

In a rectangular land, with access from the south on the main road, the structure is located on the western side of the property, dividing it into two and creating a central footbridge that leads to each of the spaces, the restaurant is accessed by a series of wooden terraces aligned to its origin geometry, on the east side is located the garden with hammocks, the bathroom with biodigester and the cocktails area, always in search of the unity of concepts smoke flavors of mexico achieves a balance between the universal geometries applied in an architecture with natural materials, respectful with the environment from the sustainable obtaining of materials such as bamboo, stone, chukun, to the use of wastewater treatment systems in a biodigester in their bathrooms and wastewater from the kitchen services.



Project area: 160 m2

Architectural design: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña

Structural Solution and Construction: Arquitectura Mixta, Jaime Peña, Arley Osorno, Farut Varon

Constructive System: Bases in local stone, pillars with guadua, roof structure with bamboo fibers

Year: 2016