Location: Sarapui Sao Paulo Brazil

Saramandala is a place in the countryside where a series of Holistic and Permacultural activities are developed, together with the architect Francisco Lima, they design and build the structure of their house in Superadobe and land, on the social room they build a geodesic dome with wood and sheets of recycled toothpaste, and covering the main room, anchored to the superadobe Arquitectura Mixta designs and builds a bamboo fiber dome, structure developed during a participatory and practical workshop, with the idea of expanding and sharing this type of knowledge, in the development of structures with universal geometries, the dome was covered with calfetice, a technique of lime-sand covered earth and waterproofed with mammone resin.



Project area: 45 m2

Architectural design: Arquitectura Mixta

Structural Solution and Construction: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña.

Constructive System: Dome woven with bamboo fibers

Year: 2017