Location Santa Elena Antioquia

Modular system prefabricated in wood and blocks of compressed earth, this work is born from the first inspiration towards the geometric purity of the architecture and the relation of the forms with the natural materials, in this case wood and earth.

In the village plan the municipality of Santa Elena is designed a house of 145 m2, with a program for a family of three people, mother, father and son, a triangular geometry contains a rectangular geometry, a triangular container in structure of sawn wood, prefabricated in the workshops of mixed architecture in partnership with demaderas, in buga valle del cauca Colombia, which directs spaces of horizontal and vertical circulation; a container in blocks of compressed earth that order the spaces of permanence, dining room, kitchen, bathroom service area, study, first level, hall of bedrooms and two bedrooms. As a study model, advances are made in the understanding of modular systems prefabricated with natural materials and adaptable to different contexts.

Project area: 150m2

Architectural design: Arquitectura Mixta Arq Jaime Peña

Construction: Gabriel Dominguez, Arquitectura Mixta

Year: 2004