The productive chains or chains of development, are presented as a model of participatory and inclusive work, where each of the working links work as a unit and a whole, this is a concept of fractal development and in patterns, if all the pieces fit in perfect harmony, the system is very strong and functional.

Guadua and natural materials as elements of great characteristics, from their place in nature, to their utilitarian and aesthetic transformation, are shown as a great productive chain with possibilities of development in all its links, articulated by community work, generation of spiraling local activity, and environmental protection.

Now, to understand the universal system and its geometries, will lead us to understand the best way to live, settle in a community, and establish a good quality of life, for example, spiral geometry, is related to the ascension, with birth , advance, every living being born in spiral geometry … the human being at the time of his birth makes a spiral turn just before going to life, if you take a walk in the field, look very closely and you will find this geometry in almost all plants, all born in spiral.


Our current delicate environmental state, concentrates us as architects and human beings inhabitants of this planet, to find constructive systems and methodologies more efficient, innovative and as far as possible totally clean, with low energy consumption and low invasive impact of the context where it is built; Arquitectura Mixta has been researching and applying building systems with natural materials for more than 10 years, with guadua angustifolia khunt as its main material, focusing on constructive development with sacred and universal geometries, seeking a better understanding of how to design and build to live in this system universal and terrestrial, where more than learning we must understand, feel, interpret.

Transforming bamboo guadua into bamboo fibers, building glued non-glued beams, we find great flexibility and resistance, circles, spheres, spirals, are very easy to achieve, finding a perfect harmony between the material and the construction geometries.

We have made prototypes of research in our workshops in Buga, Valle del Cauca, Colombia, where interesting results have been found related to the resistance of the construction system, the aesthetics and clarity of the sacred geometries, properly interpreting the geometry of the flower of life , the Fibonacci numerical scale, the golden number and the golden ratio.

We found and understood constructive logics of nature, such as non-verticality in supports of transmission of vertical loads, an inclined column, resolves vertical transmission and horizontal or turning movements, so we can see how the fractality shows enough elements for the harmony.

This harmony is exhibited by vaults, domes, domes, geodesics, sacred geometries that capture the energy of life that is traveling between the cosmic and terrestrial planes, manifesting as architectures of life, well-being and comfort.

Rural and urban housing, emergency housing, community infrastructure, rural infrastructure, etc., can be made with this constructive system, is a system that solves the need for shelter for the human being.

To transform the plumbed guadua into these fibers does not require a highly industrialized process, ax and machete, the artisanal option; a saw of carpentry the most industrial option, for this reason it is a great technique to solve the needs of rural infrastructure, of our peasant and indigenous communities, returning to the traditional, the ancestral and sacred, working in the mountains and in the jungle. With ax and machete, a project to recover knowledge and ancestral traditions.